HIIT Class (Stream Live Online)

Group HIIT Class for all.

HIIT Class Everynight @ 6PM

Every night for the next two weeks we are bringing you a LIVE fitness class streamed via your phone/laptop/Smart TV.
To view on your phone please download the Zoom App or from 5pm click here – the class will commence at 6pm. 
No equipment required. 

Class schedule
Mon: Cardio HIIT
Increase cardio-vascular fitness with timed workouts including on the spot jogging, sprinting, skipping, shadow boxing and various other workouts

Tue: Strength HIIT
Timed muscle burning workouts to effectively tone muscles all over the body, workouts including creative forms of squats, push ups, sit ups and. All focused on tempo of workout and increase strength

Wed: Martial Arts HIIT
Timed workouts specifically for working on martial arts and combat sports techniques such as tae kwon do, boxing, Muay Thai. A sure fire way to decrease stress and learn some effective ways to defend yourself

Thu: Flexibility and Core
Timed drills taken from Yoga and Pilates to increase flexibility and mobility along with core training to increase proprioception/ balance to get a good set of abs

Fri: All round HIIT
Everything rolled into a 1 hour workout from cardio, strength, combat sport, core and stretching. High energy and intensive workout to target ALL training systems in the comfort of your home